Just sitting there with a blank stare
Thinking he’s got nothing but a head full of air
When the truth of the matter-
Is he has infinite limitations of intellectual stature
with comprehension beyond belief
It’s a sharpened sword being drawn from its sheath
Ready to leave its mark on this earth
Trying to make the cut, giving it all it’s worth
Having aspirations of dreams beyond this world
Wishing to force this complex path to unfurl
Glimpses of clarity drifting through the night
Anticipating one to aimlessly catch fire and ignite-
Making this otherwise somber mind, bright
Zealously willing to hitch on the piercing waves
Being able to obtain direction this mind so desperately craves-
And as this drab surrounding seems to collapse
Understanding of self-assurance is at his grasp
Growing distressed of these vacant eyes
He resolutely extends to obtain his prize