We built empires in the sand
And watched as they collapsed
Our slipping bodies gritty
With grenades of river mud

We showered in the trailer
Still donning our wet denim
And sat around a fire
Sharing stories after dark

We slept underneath the stars
‘Til the rain forced our retreat
We walked down to the river
To kill those old memories

Berries stolen from the bush
With only mouths for baskets
A kiss like blue cream soda
Flowers picked from tall grasses

The flowers are still beautiful
Dry in the bottle on my desk
That there used to be cream soda in
I’m going to throw them out today

It’s hard to believe they once were
Really something so beautiful
Now that they’re dying in my bottle
It’s kind of like a bad haircut

Now they’re just some old weeds I keep
For the beauty that once was there
I’m throwing them out to forget it
This poem tells me otherwise

Things die with time and lose their charm
No longer what we want or seek
Like flowers it is in our nature
That is why I need to forget

The flowers were beautiful