Where does motivation come from? At times, it feels as if it’s impossible to find, lost somewhere behind the looming presence of procrastination, laziness, and passivity. Yet, at other times, you can feel it overwhelm you right from the moment you wake-up; lighting a fire inside and inspiring you to do everything that needs to be done without a moment of hesitation. Even though days like these are undoubtedly outnumbered compared to the former, it’s always refreshing and fulfilling whenmotivation does decide to show up. It’s as if it has a mind of its own. It comes out only in the right conditions; when a task desperately needs to be done, when your mind feels clear, or when everything simply falls into place that day. However, when these conditions aren’t met, and instead, you find yourself sinking into a comfy couch, with a bag of Doritos, and a new series on Netflix, motivation seems to completely disappear. Its a picky, delicate, and needy bitch that has you wrapped around it’s finger; only being there for you when it feels the time is right.


I want to know where motivation comes from. I want to harness it, to control it, to have it whenever I need it. In a mind that is mine, supposedly in my control, why is it that motivation, effort, and focus can come and go as they please. Why can’t I always let myself tear down the walls of procrastination and let motivation be my guiding force, instead? Why can’t every waking second be productive?