Twenty-six is a significant number in the age group that is still considered “young”. I don’t know if I feel young, but I should. Perhaps I don’t feel young because when I was eighteen I envisioned myself accomplishing and doing a lot more on paper at twenty-six. I shouldn’t be down, however, because in my mind, I have accomplished a lot but mainly coming to the feeling that I now truly know what kind of man I want to become.

I think a big part of me focuses on this moment, today only, and no longer do I think about having the white picket fence, good job, and family. I used to put too much pressure on having something secure when deep down, I don’t think I wanted that. Why lie to yourself? My advice, to anyone who can relate to these thoughts in any form, is that you must try to think about life right now and not about what July 25th, 2024 holds. Time is a bizarre abstract entity; it will slip away from you and be gone forever.  Therefore, we need to be present in each moment while also taking the opportunity to build ourselves as individuals which includes making sure that we develop a clear perception of the world around us.  Don’t let yourself be consumed by questions of “what if?” or “why didn’t I?”, and instead, be grateful for what you have and what you have gained.  At the ripe age of twenty-six, I have finally found myself in a whole bunch of rubble.