The new semester is here! A new semester means new classes, and of course, that means new people. Potential love interests? Who knows! Right now all we know is that Valentines Day is coming quickly and if you find someone in one of your classes and get them to notice you, maybe this Valentines Day won’t consist of you buying chocolate for yourself and creeping everybody you’ve ever loved on Facebook while drinking seven dollar sangria out of a coffee mug. Of course you have to get them to notice you first!

Here are some easy tips to get them to finally look your way:


 1. Stare at them

Find a good angle in the class and stare at them. Just look their direction and eventually they could look your way! There’s nothing better than sharing a smile with the one you’re interested in, and this a great way to break the ice without even using words!


2. Sit close

Location, location, location. The people you notice the most are the people you sit closest to! So I’m sure when you sit close to that special someone, they’ll have to notice you! You’ve already shared a smile, and now maybe you can strike up some small talk.


3. Be partners with them

You’ve done the smile; you’ve had small talk. Why don’t you take the next baby step and be partners with them for a project or a discussion during class? While you ignore what the actual objective is, you can learn about them and share what your interests are. Things are starting to look up! You are on your way out of loneliness and into an exciting new adventure with another person.


4. Be honest

If you want a connection with somebody, you have to be honest. Tell them that you are interested. Be friendly and let them know that you can get vulnerable and it doesn’t matter to you at all because you are in the same class and that fundamental commonality is enough for you to cling to this person forever and you will never let them leave and if they try then something bad is going to happen. You don’t know what it is yet but it is bad and you don’t want to do it but you will.


5. Keep staring

They didn’t like honesty? You put your heart on the line and apparently that was “too aggressive” and “too hostile” well then you should show them hostile. Keep staring at them. Sit closer next class and stare into their soul and let them know you are watching. How dare they betray you like that? STARE.



So they dropped out of class because of you. Well that doesn’t mean you can’t stop letting them know you are interested. They are on a bus; you sit at the back and stare at them. They go into their house; you’re on the street, staring away. They wake up in the middle of the night for a glass of water? Who’s that dark figure in the hallway? Could be nothing… or it could you be you showing your eternal affection because you LOVE this person. And you LOVE TO STARE, BABY.


7. Kill them

If you can’t have them, no one can! Nothing will get that cute guy or girl to notice you better than literal murder.